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Front Cushion Foams or Sponges

Triumph Spitfire MkIV, Spitfire 1500, GT6 Mk3





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Part Name

Front Cushion Foams / Sponges

Part Number 600-001
Fits Spitfire MkIV, Spitfire 1500, GT6 Mk3
Photos Ph_SpitIV-1500_FC_Foam_-_024.jpg (6875 bytes)Ph_SpitIV-1500_FC_Foam_-_022.jpg (6489 bytes)Ph_SpitIV-1500_FC_Foam_-_025.jpg (7779 bytes)Ph_SpitIV-1500_FC_Foam_-_004.jpg (8574 bytes)Ph_SpitIV-1500_FC_Foam_-_005.jpg (10751 bytes)
Description You will be surprised what a big difference a new seat cushion foam will make. The extra support will transform the feel of your car, making the drive much tighter and sporty. You also get a much better view along your shiny bonnet as well because you're not sitting on the floor... I envy GT6 owners on this one!

I cut the profiles using CNC equipment to give the best possible fit for the covers. I also use a firmer foam than most others makers so you can be sure they will look good and feel great when others have collapsed. 

The base board is press cut from the original spec millboard and comes pre-creased for easy folding.

I am quite proud of these foams. They took a long time to get just right but it was well worth the wait!

Each foam includes:
1 x High density foam topper
1 x High density foam base
1 x Millboard base panel

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Right Hand Seat only 50.00
Left Hand Seat only  50.00
BOTH Seats 100.00
Shipping Single - Small Box. Both - Small Box
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Price 30.00 per pair - Bare foams
40.00 per pair - Vinyl
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Bare foams


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